AquaSpirit S350S

SPIRIT models perform a new round in the development of classic RIB boats, representing a combination of our experienced staff, sophisticated technology and high-quality materials.

Stylish and economic design, diverse product range, optimal weight and perfect performance features will undoubtedly fulfil all your special requirements.
A feeling of drive and euphoric mood while driving SPIRIT boats are difficult to express in words, it is worth going through such a buzz on your own.
BrandAquaSpirit Aluminium RIBs
ModelAquaSpirit S350SC
Total Length (m)3.48
Cockpit Length (m)2.62
Beam (m)1.68
Width of Cockpit (m)0.83
Diameter of Tube max (m)0.43
Weight (kg)100
Loading Capacity (kg)504
Passenger Carrying Capacity (ppl)3
Number of Sections in Tubes, pieces3
Engine Power (max) (hp)20
Length of Engine Shaft (inches)Short, 15
Tube MaterialAluminium Alloy (EN AW 5083 H111)
Hull MaterialPVC or Hypalon 1.000 g/m2
Thickness of Aluminium (mm)3
Design CategoryC

AquaSpirit S350SC

The main uniqueness of this boat is a sport design, which along with renewed cone structural elements will fulfill you…